Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Survivor's guide: day 30

It is amazing that I'm almost through my second week of school already, means I have a test coming up soon.

My sisters graduate from BYU-Idaho this week.  They are going on a big trip with my parents.  They will stop by next weekend.  I am afraid I may not be as fun as they hope, but I will still enjoy having them around.

I am running out of dinner ideas for myself.  I really need my wife around.  I need a hug more than a new dinner menu.

I finished yet another project for Laura.  I've done four.  The videos I sent to Laura was one of them.  I needed to give her something so those vids were easy to send through e-mail.

I've been exercising yet I don't have anyway to track what is going on.  I hope I'm doing something.  I'd hate to put all this effort in and get no return.

Long day ahead of me.  I'm off to bed.

30 days down, 19 to go.  : D