Sunday, 22 November 2009


This probably has to be a first for me two blog posts in a single day.  I was taking the bins out to the road for pickup tomorrow morning.  I love this time of year.  There is a slight chill to the air and the smell of wood stoves fills the crisp-night air.  I just love it.  Living in CA means it doesn't get too terribly cold and I don't have to worry about the snow unlike my sisters.  They are still in Idaho finishing up school.

I love my family.  We are a close bunch and I think that is really important.  We have our share of conflicts but we stand by each other through thick and thin.  I was playing catan online with my sisters and during the post game chat they were talking about watching a movie together and one of them possibly staying the night with the other.  It was then I missed being there at school with them.  This is the first year I have been at school without any of my immediate family within a 15 minute walk from where I am.  I miss it.  I was thinking that if I was still there they would be with my wife and me watching a movie and staying the night at our place even though they probably shouldn't because we'd have homework to finish.  It then occurred to me that actually we wouldn't be doing that because if my wife and I were still in school we would have driven down to Utah Friday to be with my aunt and uncle and their family for thanksgiving.  It would have been the first time we did that.  We would have had a lot of fun.

It is amazing how much can change in so little time.  I'm not a parent but I suppose parents already know this with children that grow so quickly.  This is the time of year we get to reflect on what we are thankful for, what matters most to us, as well as the turkey dinner.  Here in the states we are lucky to have one more holiday for that sort of thing, not many other countries have a thanksgiving.  So remember to tell those people who are important in your life how much they mean to you.  I know I will be.

Death of the Chiropractor...

Blast it all I must really enjoy conflict or something.  I apologize for the dramatics of the title in advanced.  Most of you know I am a Mormon (which I am thankful no longer comes up in spell check as moron). Early in the history of the church there was loads of discrimination .  I really haven't had to deal with that much.  I recognize there are still those who do discriminate us but in general we aren't being thrown in jail for what we believe or being killed for it.  Segue to the next group I have aligned myself with, the chiropractor.

Chiropractics is a fairly young profession.  It was founded around 1890.  This makes us 100 years old but in comparison to medicine as we know it in the west we look to the Greeks for the foundation of medicine.  They are much older than we are and sometimes they push us around.  It reminds me of children at the playground, plenty of room to play yet we still can't play nice together.  As I go through chiropractic school we have some classes that go over the history of chiropractic and seminar speakers that sometimes speak about our history as well.  Some have even lived through it.  It wasn't so long ago that medicine was trying to obliterate us.

I know sometimes the way chiropractors speak we sounds about nutty and that has caused some major conflicts.  Regardless chiropractic does have its place.  We aren't back fixers or crunchers.  We are doctors of the nervous system. We make sure the nervous system is in peak performance so it can take care of the body.  We are real doctors too.  We take many of the same classes your typical doctor does.  Chiropractic is really cool.  It isn't the magic bullet to cure everything it will never replace medicine.  Just like you would not go to a podiatrist for a toothache.  We have our place in the world of health care.  I am really excited about this profession.

I know it will be a constant struggle for my rights as a chiropractor but life is a struggle.  At least the struggle lets me know we are still alive.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

My Wife the Martian...

I don't know if you've seen the movie "Martian Child" but if you haven't you should. It is a really good flick. In the movie there is a scene where John Cusack is with the the little boy who is supposedly a Martian proving he is an alien by tasting colors. So John has the little boy close his eyes and eat different colored M&M's telling him which color he has eaten. The boy gets every color right. I'm not stupid, I know it was scripted. Shortly after watching that film the wife and I were at the movies and I of course had to try this out. She guess all of the colors correctly. I thought it was funny and remarkably against the odds. Well I did it again tonight with my wife having her eat different colored "Kissables" seeing as we lacked M&M's. I did this about seven times and she correctly named each color that was in her mouth. I'm blown away and now convinced that she is in fact a Martian.

I knew she was an alien, she is from outside the United States. I didn't know that she was indeed from mars though. Not surprising really. It explains a lot of things actually. She is totally impressive and I am now convinced she has super powers. What I thought were superb skills can actually be attributed to her powers. The way she can always find my lost whatever (mostly keys), keep the house clean without any real effort, lightning wits and so forth. I thought for the longest she was just hiding my keys so she could look impressive but it now appears that she truly is impressive and I was really losing my keys. And yes that is the closest I'll get to admitting I'm wrong. Well I'm off to bed and praying that now I've discovered her secret life she'll not develop a taste for brains or some other vital organ of mine. I'd hate to be dead, I've grown rather fond of her alien or no...

Friday, 30 October 2009

Happy Halloween

Well it is halloween and I thought I'd celebrate b y posting a picture of my x-rays.
Well I have a straight neck, it should be a little more curved, but that is my neck and head.
So I've been getting some texts occasionally from someone with a cell company based in alaska. Today they sent me a picture of a couple fishing, looked like the husband (I'm guessing here) was reeling in a big one. Anyways I have no clue who they are and I proceed at an attempt to inform the individual I am not who they think I am. the conversation went as follows:
Me: Great picture but I think you have the wrong number... Really. I don't know these people (referring to the aforementioned people in the picture) :s
Alaska: I know dis is u!
Me: I know who I am but I don't know who you are. Really...
Alaska: Hmmm I will have to verify... Glad u know who u are :)
Me: Wish you will on find who it is you are after

Thus ending the conversation. I was kind of hoping it was some friend pulling a practical joke but alas no. Well have a happy ghoulish night tomorrow. Again I make the commitment to try and maintain this blog better. I have another blog at all about my experience at chiropractic school. Catch you all later.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Officially graduated

   So it is finally official I have graduated from collage with a bachelors in Biology.  I just got my diploma, only two months after I walked not bad.  I'm really happy about it.  Time for the next phase of our life and I have no idea what is around the corner.  We'lll be applyinh for schools here soon after I figure out where I want to go :s Oh joy...

Saturday, 6 June 2009

To my Wife...

I just wanted to let my wife know here (and the world wide web) that I love her and think she is fantastic. She is the absolute best thing about me. I love her very much and I'm glad she is mine. We've been married five years and counting and I'll never get bored counting...

Monday, 30 March 2009

Ode to the earbuds

Ahh ear buds.  Why have large goofy looking ear phones when you can pump the music straight into the ear canal?  The benefits of ear buds are numberless.  My favorite is the accelerated hearing loss program.  Crank the things up full blast and you too can be deaf by the ripe old age of 35.  Who really needs to be able to hear after that age anyways right?  

Why is it people feel the need to crank the music all the way up on those tiny things?  Don't they realize how harmful that is.  This all comes from what I saw today.  I was studying in a near empty room and this girl walks in.  She sits as far away from me as possible with ear buds in her ears and I can hear her music almost perfectly.  I can't make out the words but when it comes to the songs I'm familiar with I could sing along.  The room was a large room as well.  That is way too loud.  I could almost hear the ear cells responsible for hear bursting out of existence.  That's it, they aren't coming back.  Maybe its the new cool thing to do.  Maybe hearing aids became fashionable while I was busy trying to study.  Oh well, at least I'll still be able to hear a mosquito when I'm 70 :P!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Elder's Activity

We had a chili cook off and played dodge ball.  The best part of the game was when we switched over to Doctor Dodge ball.  One of the guys there, from canada, taught us all how to.  So when you get out instead of going to prison you sit down on the spot.  The person who is the doctor runs up and gets you and drags you back to the revive line.  If the doctor gets hit though, not matter what he is doing, he's out unless it hits any thing that is not a person first.  It was a lot of fun.  Of course the janitors don't have to sweep up the gym after we used it.  All the dirt is on our backs now :S


I got my grad report this past week and I'm pretty stoked about it. I just have to make sure to pass the classes I'm taking this semester. Things are going ok though. 

Laura and I are excited about moving on to the next chapter of our lives together.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

My wife is the Best...

So yesterday I had a bit of trouble when I couldn't find my jump drive (which happened to be around my neck the whole time)  I looked all over.  I thought I had droppedit in the snow which would have been really bad because the Jump Drive is white.  On top of that it has everything I need for school on it and life in general.  I was, needless to say, distressed.  Laura made me lunch that day so I was able to enjoy that while walking home slowly retracing my steps to see if I had dropped it in the snow.  It's normally a 15 min walk from my house to school.  It was a bit longer and it was really cold.   Laura had hot chocolate waiting for me and laughed only a little when I found my jump drive.  I had to go back to school, but I really didn't want to walk through the snow again.  It was a long day yesterday.  When I got home from school finished for the day at 4pm Laura suggested we play MarioKart Wii while dinner was finishing up.  I went to the window sill to get the game and found hidden in the stack ROCK BAND 2!!!  It was fantastic!  The game is awesome but I was just content holding it in my hands knowing Laura got it for me.  She had ordered it earlier in the week but it arrived yesterday and the timing couldn't have been better.  Now if I can just focus on my studying for the exams I have coming up...

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I love going to school at BYU Idaho, but I absolutely cannot stand the winters here.  It is unbelievable COLD here.  I find it unfair that parts of alaska are warmer than here.  Same with Canada.  Some people had work canceled as well as school being canceled.  Except BYU-I continues with school.  Goodness!  The focasted high for today: 13F.  Fantastic...

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

School and Car troubles...

First off I'm not a car guy, I'm just a guy with a car and car troubles...

So we got back from Scotland and I was worried about all the snow that was going to be covering my car. To my pleasant surprise Most of the snow was melted off the roads and my car. It was great. I ran around picked stuff up for school and that was that for the next 3 days. Sunday we were getting ready to leave for church, everyone else already had, and as I turned the key I heard a click and everything went dead. No dashboard, no clock, no automated door locks, nothing at all worked. The battery had given up the ghost. So we didn't make it to church cause walking would have been too hard on Laura's back in the freezing weather and it is about a 10 minute walk. Monday I got a new battery only to find that everything holding my old dead battery was rusted tight. So I just removed the cable terminals from the battery terminals and waited till Tuesday to do all the hard work. It took my a lot of time to get past the stupid rust and get the battery all cleaned up and such. I finally did get the new battery in but the negative cable terminal had rusted through and snapped in half so today I had to get a new one and attach it to the negative cable. Three days for a battery replacement. That was dumb. Oh well the car works now, here's hoping it stays that way for a long while.

So I've been having to juggle car repair around school and I'm glad this semester isn't as hard as I thought it would be. Its a 14 credit hour semester for me thank goodness. I decided that Chiropractics is the life for me when watching my sister in law remove her false tooth sent shivers up and down my spine. I really don't understand it. I've seen plenty of dental procedure images. No problem. Apparently the real deal gets to me though and I've become rather interested with chiropractics now so that is that. I'm looking at a school on the west coast. Pacific Ocean how I have missed thee...

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year

Happy 2009. We welcomed the new year in by watching the sunrise down at the beach. It was really cold but it was pretty. We got some really good pictures of it. I've yet to figure out my resolutions for the year but I figure I'll aim low so I can succeed :P. Have a great year everyone, I'm going to sleep.

Hope you enjoy the Scottish Sunrise :D